Apparently this little hacker "hacked" my PC. (hint: No they didn't)

image fuckwitpng.png![image fuckwitpng.png](replace/assets/files/2018-12-19/09:40:570-fuckwitpng.png)
What an asswipe.

tbh he might have a rat or something be careful m8 or r u postive u didnt download or do something stupid

lol this is so shitty

“You can visit police” - Now this one truly made my day. You can actually see how smart they even are at typing a threatening e-mail in english.

"Anonymous Hacker" - That one killed me.

They are just too dumb... I'm not even sure where this e-mail might have been sent from. Africa could have been a good guess, because they have finally discovered e-mail technology for their first time, but they are still too far behind bitcoin technology... hmm... Maybe it's just from India or perhaps China.

Anyways... You made my day.

I’ve had similar emails sent to me, I just ignore them since nobody has got on my PC and never will.

“You are very perverted!”

Oh shit, this guy might really know me.

Good news, No, he/she didn’t RAT me at all. If he/she did, the firewall on my gateway would have blocked it.

Plus, UPnP is disabled due to a Chromecast attack that has been happening recently.