Amit Chauhan arrested (Faremart- Jim Browning- BBC)

Indian scammer looting Britishers with thousands of pounds Busted


WIC News Reporter -

3 March 2020 , at 2:01 pm

An India based international fraudsters involved in a multi-million money swindling scam busted by Haryana police from their Gurugram office in Sonit Tower. A Haryana police team busted the scammer after big expose by BBC Panorama sting operation. The conman has been identified as Amit Chauhan from Harayana. Chauhan was involved in international conning in major countries, including the UK making thousands of pounds per month.


[“Jim Browning Amit Chauhan arrested”,“Amit Chauhan arrested (Faremart- Jim Browning- BBC)”]

@Foreeka#130555 Excellent!

Seems Faresmart’s phone system is broke. Its infinite hold. Its also a toll free number. So if anyone wants to call them and just leave on for a while… by all means go ahead.

Anyways. Its really crazy that 1 guy a news crew and a few others behind the scenes were able to take down a multi million dollar scam. Jim and this news crew were able to do something that usually governments pay a few dozen experts to do over months.

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yahoo care number. 1800-240-0352

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@Snipez#130596 yahoo care number. 1800-240-0352

@Foreeka#130555 Nice.

So upsetting is the way PayPal behaved

PayPal 'kept scammer’s account active despite warnings he was targeting UK'

One phone number of Faremart 844-307-7306

Apart from travel scam "Faremart’, Amit Chauhan , the mastermind had hidden area for tech scams. Some names and websites:

Itech Securities 848-248-1375

Hyperion Tech

Itechchamps (408) 713-5246 408-713-5246

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yet solvent green was trying to really help Chickoroyee and he could not use his paypal and cancelled his request since it was to Nigeria and was a documented legit thing. just glad to see one go down.

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So can anyone tell me why on earth are they holding hands in the police photo with Amit? Wth kind of police officers are these? Friends of family? Something tells me this is nothing more than an Indian Police Public Relations stunt, and nothing will happen to Amit legally speaking.

Why did BBC expose all the agents working in the call centre but at the same time masked the faces of the real scammers / bosses behind Amit Chauhan?

Anuj Tandon and Amar Pahwa are the biggest scammers of Indian Call Centre Industry and the real masterminds behind Amit Chauhan. They are said to have multiple locations like Chauhan's that are still LIVE.

They've changed their company names twice; "MyTechBay"and "TechMatrix" were few companies under their names post which they started finding faces like Chauhan to operate at front while they sit and enjoy profits in backend.

Here's a picture below of their holiday with chauhan apparently the same time when the BBC reporter called Amit. Hope the real kingpins get caught.

Below are the links proving their tech scams:

@reportingscammers007#131058 hey, yes I can tell you why they were holding hands. As this wasn’t a violent crime and seeing the accused was cooperating with his arrest, the cops did not see a need to use handcuffs. In these cases the hold hands to keep the person being arrest near them!

@reportingscammers007#131058 and talking about the legal recourse, it will take a long time to reach the end. While there is enough evidence to convict him, a case in India can take years to reach a conviction. Trust me I know it’s annoying. It’s even more annoying as a law student. We do need to make big changes in our judicial system

@Suhana#147238 Thanks so much for the explanation. Good luck as a law student. I hope you can bring the needed changes to your country.

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I rang 844-307-7306 (Faremart Travels) and someone answered my call saying “Reservations how can I help you” Is this normal? :thinking:

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@0_0#148078 They use many names when they send links in social media. This generic “Reservations” takes care otaking call and not being specificf

its because its funded by the government, and not just indias government. Hopefully someone seeks the truth about this scam, because it isnt because of the call center. its because of the governments. This is about illegal forfeitures and corruption, cyber security and internet security department. Its about tons of money, for whoever wants it.