"Ameerican Police Officers Alliance

Scam Number: 1-844-499-2008
Scammer’s Website or Email: https://americanpoliceofficersalliance.com
Additional information about this call: Initially a robocall with AI. Asking “Mark” his last name or any other question will cause “him” to hang up. But for once, instead of a spoofed number, they used a toll-free numbere, and I called it. Calls were answered by “Tom,” who has an accent and says he will redirect the call to a recorded message. I told him I didn’t want a recording, I wanted to find out where the organization was based, and he hung up on me.
I used two other numbers, and both those calls were answered with a wary “Hello?” from “Tom.
I found Google results going back to 2018, including one from the site of KSST Radio (Sulphur Springs, Texas) which says it best: " They pretend to benefit police officers, but remember… No money given to this group will ever reach your local police.
These scammers sound a lot like the “Blue Lives Matter PAC” and “Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation” and similar robocallers-with-AI who have called me from spoofed numbers. As a former police officer, I’d like to rip them a new one. Their site has an “opt-out” page, but I don’t opt-out from something I didn’t opt-in to. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Tom got all upset when I said FTP.