Amazon scam with SSA (229) 592-2523 "$999.99"

Well, maybe he had difficulty finding this person? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Lol, What I’ve discovered with these scammers and my time scam baiting, you can give these scammers any name and address and you are in the system. Of course I’m sure I’m not the first Mike Litoris or Ben Dover to call.


What app are you using to check telecomms?
I need a reliable one :slight_smile:

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  • Phone Number: 301-690-0324
  • Date of this Report: February 27, 2023
  • Phone Line Type: VOIP
  • Phone Company: TEXTNOW
  • Phone Location: LEONARDTOWN, MD

There are probably other websites but I use phonevalidator dot com though.

I use the following URL to look up phone numbers, @Sol.


Thank you!!
The site I was using is no longer working, I will save this one now :hugs:


I started calling this number with one phone and then I started calling this TextNow number with two phones, and FINALLY a guy answered one of the calls and while we talked I conferenced him into the message machine of his same TextNow number and told him to leave yourself a message, dumbass. You are conferenced into your voicemail of your own TextNow number, idiot.

He had the nerve to say sternly, “Respect your elders.”

Haha! I replied, “Shove your use of the imperative tense of the verb up your gaping, stinky, and criminal sphincter!”

He hung up immediately.


This number has been answerin’. They do not seem to like when I conference them into the same conference call.

One criminal woman is irate at me! Why you keep calling? It’s called KARMA you stupid criminal. You should know something about KARMA since your ancestors invented the concept.


@Hviezdoslav That’s what I use too Hvie. :+1:


Yeah, it seems like a fairly accurate site to use to look up phone numbers. I wonder though if scam baiters and scam harassers in the United Kingdom or in Australia can get to that site.

(229) 592-2523 … They hate me at this point! Why you keep calleeeng? Stop calleeng! Stop calleeeng!


Not answering for me.


Now when calling from two different phone numbers the (229) 592-2523 number I am on hold for awhile with hold music until someone answers eventually but whoever answers immediately hangs up.


(229) 592-2523 … At present this number is answering again.
4:18 pm Central in USA, Monday, 27-Feb-2023

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