Amazon scam (855) 470-3287 "gift card"

Scam Number: (855) 470-3287
Scammer’s Website or Email: tba
Additional information about this scam: Received a fake text “Thank you for Order a Target E-Gift Card for $485.87. If you didn’t make this Order, please contact us immediately 18554703287.”


A ‘colleague’ called me back from (323) 247-7832 and sounded very chody!!


855-470-3287 Friday 7-5-24 4:28PM EST

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I am on with Joe Taylor. gave him a transaction id of 4284962, he wanted my email.

Yes. he found the transacton. :open_mouth: My account has been accessed from Ohio, Texas, NJ & China.

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they aren’t picking up anymore

gave me "number is a scammer dont call"message

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Still active today, making calls and receiving them too.


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Someone hacked that magic jack lol :joy:

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