Amazon Scam 01) +1-808-444-5595

Scammer’s Number: +1-808-444-5595
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Scamming people by telling they are Real Amazon and scaming Money from innocent peoples.
Hunt those scammer.

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This scammer idiot is still active.
An idiot named Rickey is answering the call.

I have reported the URL to their registrar which is Namecheap, Inc.

808 444 5594 paypal

The call was awkward, it’s like he was playing car sfx in the call center. He suspected something and said he was going to track me down and then I let him have it.

still active lol

808 444 5594 paypal

Rings many times in dial **808-444-5595

RIP :joy::seedling::seedling:… Ur number be pushing flowers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: