Amazon Refund Scam V George Armstrong Custer Parts 1 and 2

Scammer’s Number: 425 336 7257
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Number has probably been disconnected by now. They called me back several times using spoofed numbers. 11/19/21

Got a call from Amazon scammer who, when told him I was George Armstrong Custer, said my computer had been hacked and then needed to connect, so naturally I said fine. I didn’t have my usual VB set up, so I quickly plugged in a USB of Sparky Linux. “Jack” then had me download anydesk, which I did. He connected and then wanted me to enter a password for remote access. Anticipating that I had already created a different password and that stumped them for a while so he tried to connect to their “refund” form using some kind of Windows executable. When he tried to get it to run, it went crazy and opened up 200+ tabs on the browser. He was flummoxed and apologetic. I accused him of breaking my computer and as he didn’t know what to do, said I would have to call someone to get it fixed and to call me back. When he did, I said it wasn’t fixed yet and could I call him back (Note: live Amazon refund scam at 808 465-8048) He gave me the aforementioned number. I will call him back tomorrow with my “fixed” computer and my set up VB. Looking forward to it.

Calvin customer care
Then transferred to Jack Williams He gave me a number to call back in case we got disconnected (425 336 7257 try calling and flood them) The usual silliness on the VB.

Next day.
Got a call back from the same guy, Jack. I told him I wanted to be reimbursed for the damage he did to my computer, that I had to hire someone to reinstall Windows (a fiction, of course.) Anyway, because it was a Linux VB, he couldn’t get the usual scamming stuff to work and so he kept stumbling around until he gave up. Couldn’t spell, either. LOL A Bank of America Secure server that can’t spell. He didn’t even notice I had added several thousands of dollars to the refund amount. Note that I don’t bother to edit the videos. Then again, Custer didn’t bother to do his homework at the Little Big Horn, either. Used a different, more Windows-like, version of Linux and told him he had ruined my computer the day before and I had to have Windows reinstalled to the tune of $100 which I expected him to pay for. LOL

Part 1: Incompetent Amazon Refund Scammers pt 1 - YouTube
Part 2: Incompetent Amazon refund scammers Part 2 they can not spell - YouTube


Brilliantly played out! :+1: And Fed law is issue a credit back to the card, not a “refund” :lying_face:

I know. The script changes. Sometimes it to a required debit, not a credit card, etc. But since it all a scam that makes it more fun.

They answered the 808 number. They weren’t happy. I’m now flooding both numbers. Keeps asking me who I am. I tell him “your worst nightmare” lol

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That’s because you are a “Major Baitor” :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: (not to be confused with a master bater). Oh hell, just a little winged off humor :crazy_face:

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Lmao! Messing with scammers is my Xanax.

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