Amazon refund scam (210) 942-1642

Number: (210) 942-1642

Cation your card has been charged $299.00 for a renewal of software if you want to cancel the subscription and claim for a refund please call us at 150-185-8101 extension 3 or press one to speak with refund Officer thank you.

@firef0xx#149391 They can’t figure out what they are scamming! First call, guy said I needed to renew my Amazon account… told him I just did last month, and he said I needed to do it again because of some “new features” that have been added. I asked with those new features were that have changed since last month and he hung up.

Next round, got a guy who said I was being charged $299 for my Norton Security Software subscription. When I said the last guy I spoke with said it was for my Amazon account, he said "Yes, this is Amazon, and the charge is for the Norton Software". Told him I didn't have any Norton Software and he hung up.

Third try - got a femscammer. Back to having to renew my Amazon account. Told her that the last guy said it was for Norton Software. She said no, it was to renew my Amazon account. Told her that they really need to figure out which scam they want to try and pull and stick with it... she hung up.

Not the brightest bunch here.

@Otis#149402 the guy said welcome to amazon norton subscription renewal

I called them and they immediately said “dont you have anything better to do? Go f*** your chick”. This is before I even said anything.

@Otis#149402 Was bored so I called back after waiting a while. Got some guy who said “Oh, hello my friend. you called back.” I asked what he was talking about. “He said, remember me… we were talking yesterday. How is your disabled friend”. Kind of flopped along from there until he realized I wasn’t who he thought I was.

Who here called yesterday and talked to a guy about their disabled friend?!?