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Maybe I should go to Portland or San Fran where i can get illegal drugs and shoot up on the street with free needles and pipes. You can be sure the people keeping pain med from chronic pain patients have access to whatever they need sorta like Hunter Biden.


Same here. I was on 50mcg fentanyl for nearly a dozen years. Then 60 mg. Morphine then 15mg, which is absolutely worthless; an M&M gives me more relief. They tried medical marijuana, I hate the feeling, it doesn’t relieve pain, and just makes me paranoid and hungry (plus, insurance doesn’t pay for it, so it’s extremely expensive!) So, I just try to deal with it as best I can. It’s just Ibuprofen, a TENS unit and 30 oxycodone per month for the “bad days”. It’s such a shame that chronic pain sufferers can no longer get the medication to allow them live a tolerable life. People who don’t live with it, can’t even begin to understand.


It’s utter insanity!

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its working number , say this is crypto support how i can help you ?

Still working