Active live chat Garmin scam

They have a new one lol, im shutting it down.

Go for it!

Shutting down how btw? Ddos? Contact the vendor?

They pulled the plug on the site

Contact api owner. I like the site to stay up as they pay for an empty shell.

Site is still up for me.

I used my vpn and it worked sooooo i guess they blocked my ip

Site is now down, name not resolved, they likely gave up on the domain after both chats were banned…

Lol this guy tried to post stuff here. Registered with the email
[email protected]
IPV6: 2405:201:5004:c072:fcef:c6a5:f1b9:204a
He literally could have avoided this had he just simply started a real company selling legitimate services.


That’s them alright, that IP is in the same /16 block as another IP from the callcenter.

And if you can share, what did he try to post?

LOL that’s golden! I agree with @CrellerNetworks , post it! Or if it’s unproper, at least let on the jist of it!

Now they have

[+1-302-262-5444](tel: +13022625444)

This number is on the new site. There are people picking up when I call. Go get them!

I called the number, and told them that I am trying to set my GPS destination to New Dehli, but I get directions for Islamabad instead. They hung up on me. :frowning:

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I have reported this website to mylivechat, the live chat service they use. Now I’ll alert the domain registrar and hosting company.
Edit: I also sent them this nice message:

Let’s hope they get scared once their website shuts down.
Edit 2: They use GoDaddy for their domain AND THEIR HOSTING!! I guess this website probably isn’t shutting down, then.

GoDaddy is a shitshow

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