Active fauxCRA 403-770-6124 & 613-703-0259

November 23, 2018: 11:20 AM EST

403-770-6124 Fort Laird, AB claims to be Ottawa

613-703-0259 Cornwall, ON claims to be Ottawa

Both gave different Heron Road, Ottawa addresses, neither could pronounce Heron Road or Ottawa, neither had any French Officers,

The second one offered to call me back with the official 1-800 number.

@Darrell64#64153 Both 613 numbers are not working. One goes to chipmunk music and one is out of service.

@JusticeinTexas#64222 I called both numerous times on Friday, I had them both raging, Some calls went to hold and voicemail. So both seem to be smaller operations.

@Darrell64#64301 Perhaps you got them to shut down those numbers. We can only hope!

@JusticeinTexas#64429 I called one fake IRS office with their own feed number so many times on Friday that they blocked the number… LOL