Active fake CRA: 226-779-1968 & 613-627-3839

November 21, 2018: 12:30 PM

226-779-1968 Stratford, Ontario active, noisy as hell, sounds like a soccer stadium.

613-627-3839 Ottawa, ON active, call keeps getting dropped (Primus VoIP service)

Both seem small and under staffed LOL

The 226 number is still active.

Ahhh, boohoo the 613-627-3839 is currently kaput!

@Darrell64#63825 I’m still calling the 226 one…

The 2nd number 613-627-3839 “is no longer in service” :frowning:

The 1st number rings forever.

The call centers seem to open at noon EST, so shift starts at 10:30 PM in India, shift ends apparently at 5:30 PM EST (4:00 AM in India) Towards the end of the day you are more likely to have them goof off.

November 22, 2018: 11:30 AM

226-779-1968 Stratford, Ontario still active,

There is a young likely Hindi girl, lighter accent than the normal North Indians, she can actually speak a few words of passable french.

613* - “the number you dialed is not in service”

I just called them and after he explained I was “going to get arrested for 5 years” if I didnt pay, he said he said going to transfer me through to the main man. I was "hey hey listen listen, do you have paypal? Can i forward you $4,000 for us to forget about it… he pause and said “…no” then hung up ha

226 one is still going and very active it’s a pretty good number lol

I rang and asked if they have any job vacancies.

He said “oh you wanna work with us haha”

It got weird and he passed me onto a young woman. She was kind of taking the piss and joking around. After a few min of discussing "private training" she passed me back to him.

I asked how many hits their scam has and he said not many and that most of the calls are from people like us.

He said they are in "like a massive warehouse with 100s"

I asked him if he felt guilty for what he is doing and he said "everyday"

I spoke to him for about 20 min , asking random stuff. I told him I expected him to hang up straight away, he said "whats the point, I will just get an abusive call afterwards"

They arent indian either. Theyre African

@Darrell64#63801 Oops, I just called this number on my own today not realizing you had already posted it! Go listen to my graphic discussion with the creeps. It actually was fun!

@Darrell64#63960 Depends on what time you call them…they answer Canada Rev Agency but total scammers as we know…they ask for yr name and address and say that mail was returned and when they attempted service at door noone answered.

I called the 226 #, gave them fake name of Stormy Peters on Peter Street in Toronto and magically they found me, ha ha. She said her name was Officer Anna Smith. CRA has officers??? Lol 😆 ok...nice try wasted some of her time and when she asked me why did I call her if I knew it was it wasn't CRA....told her I wanted to see how stupid they are....she hung up what a surprise!!!!

@Darrell64#63969 Yes I believe she calls herself Officer Anna Smith

Just got a robocall from 226…still active

We need a woman to call using the name Stormy Daniels, asking if the audit was on her “hush money” LOL j/k

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