Active Amazon scam toll free number

They’re still active but not for long now
they’ve just had the wick turned up because it’s their turn to go home
they won’t put up with all their lines ringing and answering into the nonstop harsh story they’re being told.
I’m listening to them trying in vain to survive the onslaught of abuse
Now they’re just getting silence on the calls
Lets see how long they keep costing their boss money for no reason.

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I hunted the block nothing yet 888.377.8941-8920

Called 20 times now. Either they hang up directly, or I’m on the line for a minute, but they don’t say anything, and then hang up…

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Talking gibberish to me.


These dopey clowns are picking up to silence on the other end repeatedly for the last 5 minutes
the dictionary definition of stupidity and futile rolled into one
There’s currently 36 lines on hold for more than 6 minutes now
no attempt to answer any of these lines…backed off to one line to see if they answer…not looking good for them