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Note: Scammer.info changed forum software on 20 May 2021

What is Scammer.info?
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Scammer.info was created December 14th 2016 as a public forum for scambaiters to expose scammers & share information. There are no limits on what can be shared - as long as you are exposing a scammer who has stolen money from someone (or committed other crimes), you can post everything about them. Scammers cannot hide from us, and sharing their personal information online is a good way to commence action against them & hopefully alert people that they are a scam.

We urge you to always post any information you have on a scammer here, so that it can be seen publicly on search engines when people submit queries regarding numbers & companies.

Who owns Scammer.info?

Scammer.info is owned by Cameron Lobban (Thunder), Lecter, and Markiemm

Along with our amazingly dedicated moderators, we provide a free service for users to discuss & share information. If you love our service and would like to support us, then click here to buy us a coffee.

Why do my posts require approval?

At scammer.info we make sure all information being posted is actually related to a scam or fraudulent activity. It is important for us to check each post before allowing them to go public as we have had many instances where an innocent person’s number has been maliciously posted or a law enforcement agency has been posted. After around 50 verified posts your account will no longer need posts manually verified and you can post without having to wait for moderator intervention.

How can I contact someone from Scammer.info?

You can use the personal message feature on the site to send a message to one of our moderators or admins. Feel free to join our Discord server called TLS Community where there are thousands of scambaiters just like you to talk to. You can ask for scambaiting advice or talk about anything on your mind, there are channel topics for anything for you to discuss.

Click here to see a list of Moderators and Admins of Scammer.info

I want my information removed, now!

We understand your frustration at having your information on Scammer.info, however if you or your business has engaged in unethical or fraudulent activity we are well within our rights to keep a record of this in our database. If however you have evidence that you are not engaged in the above, or you have changed your business to be legitimate, you can contact us for a potential removal of your information.

How can I call scammers for free?

You can use the service Textnow.com or BobRTC.tel. BobRTC has been shut down.

Our main contact email has changed, instead of [email protected], please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you
Scambait.org team


BobRTC.tel has gone into that good and silent night. Are there any new replacement services in the works? (might wanna remove them from this FAQ guide)


Recommend deleting reference to BobRTC


Thanks but BobRTC is gone. :sob:

Yep Bob pulled the pin on it

There’s always a backup. Just search seak find and its yours.

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