A scamming WhatsApp group

Found the group on the Call Center Campaign Usa group on Facebook.

As you can see, the post was made by a dude called Tayab Tahir. All of the information about the group and about Tayib are listed below:

Name: Tayab Tahir

Facebook Account: Redirecting...
Facebook Group: Redirecting...

WhatsApp group: WhatsApp-Gruppeneinladung

should I join the group with my spoofed whatsapp number and ask for a job?
I think this could be a good idea since i will surely find an excuse to have them conneect to my pc and then maybe i will reverse

Try. I mean, you got nothing to lose. I don’t think they will just lock their WhatsApp group because you tried to scambait them, just one look on the Call Campaign USA group will reveal multiple telegram scams in their comments, and only thing they have done to stop those scams in the comments is to call them ‘‘American scammers’’

Ok i just got a spoofed whatsapp profile… now all i have to do is join their group… Lets see how this goes…

Im in the group… Im asking to join their jobs lol
These guys are stupid… they use their real phone numbers…

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Yeah, that happens a lot. Can we move this to the Trust Level 2 forum? I think we’re all TL2, and it would be safer that way, because we can hide from any scammers peeking around the forum.