--a (844)-336-9161 Microsoft Popup Scam


New number : +1 845 208 0322

Also I'm new here, are we allowed to talk about RATing?

How do you find these scam? I’ve tried opening lots of misstyped url’s with a multi url opener, I’ve also tried google advanced search and searched for things like printer support with 24 hours on, but still can’t seem to find any numbers…

Any advice?

@zazman#136902 I would say that you can go for some random sites with a bunch of ads, usually porn sites or shortened links that require reCAPTCHA, and usually they pop-up random sites

Just try your best

hey! does anyone know a free way to call these scammers? im in the uk and all the app previously mentioned in other chats like google voice are not available here. is there any free websites software? anything!

@zazman#136902 Same problem.

@zazman#136902 For me, I never find those scams because I’m using ad blocker.

But I come here to find websites that I can have fun with them



Skype can be used..I'm in uk and find it hard finding away to call. I have seen other apps but not tried as of yet. I'll update when tested XD