917-545-3363 (IRS SCAM, ask for George, tell him John sent you)

Seriously, I’ve called like 20 times. I got a guy that talked to me for like 10 minutes, he is fucking hilarious. His name is “George”, lol, ext 116. Ask for him and tell him “John” sent you

@Legend_Mantis#25657 I called and asked for George but got transferred to a woman with the original name of Alice Jones. I let her go thru her spiel and then popped the joint return with me being a stay at home mother with 3 kids. She must have been new because she stuttered a lot. She kept repeating the same dumb things over and over from her notes. I finally asked her if she was new at her job. She said WHAT? I said you must be new because you have not gotten your script memorized yet, you cannot think off the cuff, your name is hysterically funny and you don’t sound American besides not knowing a darn thing about the tax code. I said by the way, it is Good Friday and the IRS is not open at 1800. All the agent are probably stuck on the beltway on their way home. I said to go home and sit in front of the mirror and practice then laughed at her and hung up. Sorry, I tried to get George but no go but I did keep her stumbling around for over 10 minutes. Still live on Good Friday at 1745 Central Time.

I called them twice and the third time it sounded like he tried to act like a girl. look https://phone.firertc.com/users/5a759f7174756315f3e40100/calls/5abebc907475631256050000