914-627-6877 Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes / Lottery Winnings (SCAM)

Scam Number: (914) 627-6877 Andy Goldberg

Hello, good day. This is a secured phone call from the America Sweepstakes Claims Department. The American Sweepstakes is a sweepstakes company that promotes sweepstakes for readers’ digest and PCH and Mega Million Sweepstakes. This call is to solely inform you that you have won our monthly sweepstakes and lottery competition, valued at $10,500,000, $10,000 weekly for life, and a brand new 2020 former Sadie’s Benz. Your claims code is 9591MEGA once again 9591MEGA. To claim your winnings, please contact your claims agent, Andy Goldberg, at the claims department phone number 9146276877 once again 9146276877 or press the number 1 to be transferred directly to the claims office. Thank you, goodbye, God bless you.

Is he mad yet?