912-551-5599 Publishers Clearing House

Scam Number: 912-551-5599
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: James Church VM Monday 9-18-23 3:20PM EST

Sandra Merchant

Fake Check Merchants. :rofl: :rofl:
(I got James Church VM too, he ain’t answering right now).

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told me he needs to open my file and check my information before he can tell me what I won.

told me I won a Certified Check of $2.5millYAN dOllurZs ($2,500,000), $100k in cash ($100,000), $5k a week until my death ($5,000) between a Monday and Friday. I picked “Wednesday”, and a Brand New 2023 Mercedes Benz either an AMG - 4 DOOR and AMG EQS - 2 DOOR (“Electric Sedan”). I picked the Mercedes Benz AMG 4 DOOR + 1 year free insurance on the car from the fake pch company.

Wants to know FULL NAME, BANK I’M WITH (Wants VICTIM to open a new checking or savings account), wants ID (such as passport, driving license, state ID ETC)

PACKAGE ID for verification to “delivery team”: 0024-1156-4462-32UF

Public → $199 then said $399
Private → said this one is $199 instead

I picked private: x1 Delivery Driver, X1 US Marshall, X1 Officer From “My” Area to accompany guys to my address. Two company guys with my cash and check and car keys, 1 lady named Katty Ownef (think he meant OWEN) who is meant to deal with my p40 tax form aka “Tax Lady” taking care of my taxes of my prize.

I told him my address, to reconfirm, is: 3377 Barracks Avenue, 60411. Chicago, Illinois.
He told me it’s the right address he has saved. What a fucking idiot. :rofl: :rofl:

REGISTRATION ID - to keep safe until the guys show up at my “address” either Wednesday or Thursday", [I picked THIS WEDNESDAY] 12PM: wants victim to go to Walmart and get a MoneyPak Reloadable Card and load it for $199.

I found 3 different all 14 digit long scratched cards on google images
573 167 1195 4913
343 896 0853 0970
573 167 1195 4913
PIN I WENT WITH WAS 8743 (thanks to you.com)

Hold music I also briefly played for him as I pretended I was talking to him from a landline was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKYQNtF11eg The Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes