8882113813, Fake Microsoft

Scam Number: 8882113813, Fake Microsoft
Scammer’s Website or Email: Security-Center-Code0x268d3 Services-Error0SecurityrEr0dfdsfd07
Additional information about this scam:

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Femchode callback from ‪(315) 500-0239‬. Had to “analyze my ip address”, lol. Didn’t know what a BGP was though she was an IT engineer, lol. My ip was causing the problem yet she didn’t have an answer to what my address was. Unreal.

@BiggusPrickus Can you please give this number some much needed attention?

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Your wish is my command good sir

They stopped answering after abusing each other for calling themselves…A LOT!!

HAHAHAHA :joy::joy::joy:

They’re still answering for me.

Yeah they stopped answering for me
When all their lines lit up like the Christmas tree outside FOX studios in NY city

I know they’re still answering

Hang on I’ll get one of the really BIG guys onto them

give me 30 seconds or so

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Sounds good! :slight_smile:

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on it now

they have 28 lines going through
they’re sounding not so good right now

call them


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Sounds good! I can hear their lines going crazy right now.

I ring hang up at 3pm

This fairly large call centre runs with the same trojan spyware popups every day
They had active blocks of numbers for their popups in the 855 and 866 prefixes

This is brilliant.
“Am I audible to you?
“This side Nate, can you hear me?”
“Don’t you ever fucking call this number again.”- it’s almost like they think we are actually satisfied being complicit to them.

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Still answering 6am
Hitting got hella call backs°:joy::joy:°

Another callback number for femchode, (509) 552-4056 answering this morning at 6:30 AM
using connectwise control…

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Call back -----252-347-0381 supoart
301-900-7585 textnow call back

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509-552-4056 Male

252-347-0381 Jason Friday 5-26-23 10:49AM EST

0381 is active. They’re claiming to be Pakistani Muslims.

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