888-570-2180 Dreams Travel &Tour/Reservations

888-570-2180 Still Active Malechode Saturday 1-21-23 6:13AM EST

877-220-3185 Same Malechode Saturday 1-21-23 6:16AM EST

888-570-2180 answering

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ext 5766# password 1234# but i changed it. :joy:unhappy guy named cody left message i guess he got ripped off. Im gonna go thru all the extensions and change thier PWs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Going thru thier messages and listening

How do you even do extensions with them?

I asked what is your extension they give it and hang call back ypu have get VM then hit 0*then the extension then password 1234# then you can hear the messages :rofl:

I’m confused, if you call back after getting extension they always answer I never get vm
But I guess since you changed everything maybe I could access it as well

callback on (202) 869-8683

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreamsflights/

You have keep calling them til they dont answer and the VM comes on … Ya if they keep answering you cant do it.