888-230-2186 Male Virility Helpline

Phone Number: 888-230-2186

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Well shucks, they aren’t gluten free so baiting grandpa can’t use em! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

With the main ingredient of calcium carbonate (chalk) you know you’re buying a quality product… smdh.

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Still active

There’s lots of toll free numbers for this place, which all have identical menus.
Nonsense pill and supplement scams are everywhere with multiple numbers

I’ve even come across 58 numbers for a very overpriced garbage mobility chair, which only lasts between 5 minutes and the warranty period they hope for.
They have one number on their website and the 57 others are spread out across several hundred consecutive numbers in two toll free prefixes.

Then there’s a confirmed scam travel company, who have been fined by the FTC every five minutes, as well as class action sued many times.
They have a couple of official numbers on their website. I’ve come across 2732 identical menu numbers for them so far.
They’ll have at least 3000 I’m thinking