888-204-1277 FAKE CashNetUSA - Jamaican PCH Scammers Expanding

Scam Number: 888-204-1277
Your loan is approved!
Scammer Michael Benjamin

@BiggusPrickus @R11R

Same type of scam, different story line. They either want to get a bank account from the victim to transfer their loan into, OR they want the victim to pay a loan fee to get their check overnight. If you get bank accounts - REPORT THEM - you can message me I am happy to help report.


Same scammers

“Michael Benjamin”

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I have the team on them
They’ll be hammered relentlessly around the clock :+1:
I’ve found a lot of similar Indian call centres going all out with the fake banking scare tactics script
I found them again today on 4 consecutive numbers in the 855 prefix, amongst hundreds of other refund and tech support popup numbers

This menu is still remaining after they abandoned their scam but every other number is now silent
This went to voicemail but they stopped answering very early in the day today. I found them all just after 09:30am est this morning. This is still costing them cash because they stupidly left the number active. Fuck them and their stupidity, I’ll make them pay for their lack of braincells!!

8559263017 Bank of America/SSA credit card fraud ivr 2

We’ve taken down in excess of 500 numbers in the background in a few prefixes, unbeknownst to everyone in this vicinity this week.
They’re getting worse but my system can find them very easily every day, wherever they set up shop to try and scam people.

This is what you hear for hundreds of numbers in several prefixes after we’ve run rampant through these neighborhoods and vandalized their operations, many times before a victim called them with their refund rubbish. :grin: :wink:
We’ve really hurt them financially and will continue to do so without this community or the general public ever knowing they’re out there on hundreds of numbers every day

They still have possession of all these numbers in their cache of several thousand we’ve destroyed over the last couple of months

8559263018 pin#
8559263019 pin#
8559263020 pin#
8559263021 pin#
8559263022 pin#
8559263023 pin#
8559263024 pin#
8559263025 pin#
8559263028 pin#
8559263029 pin#
8559263030 pin#
8559263033 pin#
8559263035 pin#

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As promised @sandbar
They got many tens of thousands of calls overnight and filled their mailbox with nothing but garbage callback numbers
no victims for these fuckers and a massive phone bill is the icing on the cake.
What terrible bad luck for them. :thinking: :wink:

8882041277 PCH CashNetUSA