(877) 525-8418 | Dumb Scammers from India pretending to be Geek Squad

Scam Number: (877) 525-8418
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam: Transaction/Order Id : OL32355256
Toll-free Number : +1 (877) 525 8418

Thank you for the recurring annual payment!

Your GeeΚ Squad Tech annual subscription is upgraded and renewed on 17 Oct. 2022.

We have received annual subscription fee of $ 395.49 against your PC and Internet security services.

The automatic debit trañsaction has been processed from the account funds balance as per your authorization.

This subscription plan is valid till 16 Oct. 2023 and the sáme recurring fee ωill be charged next year unless you unsubscribe.

In case you don’t wish to continue with our services or you have transactional issues, please reach out to us within 24 hours for further communication.

Please be noted, if you cancel the services within 24 hours from the date of transaction, the deducted fee will be refunded back to the original source of payment.

For Immediate Assistance Contact Us #
+1 (877) 525 8418

Yours sincerely,

Diana D. Behm
Sr. Head Account Section Dept.

877-525-8418 McAfee. MaleChode. Monday 10-17-22 1:53PM EST

The number isn’t working.

877-525-8418 MaleChode. Tuesday 10-18-22 4:30PM EST

I call them now they picked up, they are pretending to be mcafee’s cancellation department I told them there was a charge of 499 taken, they said to go on a computer I said no im outside send the link through my phone number, eventually they got pissed off, call them and say it’s Ben Dover I still didn’t get the link

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