872-666-9805 ssa direct line ** 202 858 9242

Scammer’s Number:872-666-9805
Domains Used:
Extra Info:SSA. Yay


officer Sam Johnson
case CP1810
warrant # 0306198
badge # GR5663
TEXAS … car south border blood drugs
Toyota Corolla… Alice phallus trolls him​:joy::joy:

10:47 am central I called from two different number 872 666 9805. From my TextNow number, it rang a number of times and the call just ended eventually without going to any message machine. I called from my Unknown Number VOIP, and it rang once and then did not go to the dial tone but instead the call went to the 3 sounds that seem to mean that the number is not a working number I think.

I am gonna try again though.

Damn i trolling him gonna call
on other phone hang on

Damn called from 2nd line first call
1 ring . 2nd call rang bunch … Direct line ***
202 858 9242 ***

202 858 9242 I got the TextNow message machine and left a nasty message. I’m gonna call 202 858 9242 more times just to annoy the scammer.

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Yes i called it too from other phone sending texts
as i troll😂

Damn fished 20 :arrow_up:… Nothing

11:33 am central I just tried 872 666 9805 again but it rings and rings until the call ends with no message machine.

Now I am going to call from my two phone numbers the TextNow 202 858 9242 again to leave messages! Once in a while though, especially from my Unknown Number VOIP, a scammer will answer his or her TextNow number so I can more personally deliver my message to him or her.

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