(844) 676-8630 direct tv

Scammer’s Number:(844) 676-8630
Domains Used:
Extra Info: still answers still a vendetta


Call often please

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Number (844) 676-8630

I think I will report to this carrier too. I’ve been doing a lot of reporting lately.


I tried calling them but the audio of their dialing system is rubbish. How did you call them?

Was fine for me … I use text now

(844) 676-8630
Nex Vortex, Incorporated

Reported to carrier. You won’t be hearing from scammers on this number any longer, hopefully.

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I’ve emailed NEX Vortex, spoken to them on the phone more than a dozen times. They pretend to be interested, act as if they’ll do something, but never have.

Fuckin shame

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I’m still calling to bother them. I keep changing my name and number on CID. I’ve been Donald Trump, Kermit DeFrog, Winnie DePooh, Mike Rotchburns, Lou Briccant, Mike Oxlong, Harry Balzak, etc. Seems like I get Alan a lot. He’s getting triggered.

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I guess I’ll try again.