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You know, just today I was calling some VOIP number of a scammer from a thread in this website but I do not remember which type of scam. I’d been calling manually and repeatedly to mess with them and not to try to bait them. They had been answering for quite awhile, and I could not hear a bunch of voices of other scammers in the background. Some scammer would answer, say his or her sentence after answering, and then I’d start giving them a hard time verbally until they finally hung up after going round and round with me.

Then after many other calls to the number, I called that number again and my call was answered but nobody said anything, and for a good two minutes I was sitting on the call and hearing a bunch of male voices speaking loudly in a foreign language and in an upset way, like there was some commotion going on in the scammers’ call center. After a couple of minutes my call just dropped unless maybe someone hung up the call from the Call Center.

I am wondering now if just after some scammer answered my call, they started noticing that they were being FLOODED with phone calls and the guy who answered did not go into his script/greeting but instead the guy who answered and all of his criminal colleagues were freaking out in their own native language about the CALL FLOODING they were experiencing.

Lower your volume!!! :grin:

This is a little bundle of joy reserved for the scammer class, two of us threw ideas into the cooking pot.
We came up with assorted birds, jungle animals and London’s Big Ben striking the hour of 12 all the way through it in the background
The partner I have in taking down scammers is a professional musician and has a full blown recording studio setup in his home
He mixed this for our scammer friends who quite often get bombarded with this
I wish I had a recording of the massive amount of noise this makes when it is being heard hundreds of times simultaneously whenever they have a line open.
They go absolutely berserk, screaming down the line with obscenities
Pressing DTMF tone buttons thinking it’s really clever and going to achieve anything :joy:


That is great! Haha, they must feel themselves going insane! I mean LITERALLY in-freaking-sane!

You mentioned your partner who is a professional musician.

I am an amateur guitarist. One of my tube amplifiers is an old very late 1960s Gibson Super Medalist 30-watt tube amp with two 12-inch Jensen speakers. When I crank up all of the knobs (volume, bass, treble, et cetera) ALL THE WAY UP on this old tube amp, and turn my tone and volume knobs on one of my electric guitars all the way up, this tube amp is FREAKING LOUD, and I mean TRULY and BLARINGLY loud.

Once in awhile I have used my cordless blue tooth headset for calling a scammer phone number. I have the guitar plugged into the amp. The knobs on the guitar and amp are cranked up all the way. I am pleasantly baiting a scammer, playing along nicely of course, and out of no where while on the phone conversing with the scammer I start playing the guitar with the old 30-watt Gibson tube amp turned ALL THE WAY UP. While I am playing, it is so loud I cannot even hear anything from the scammer or from the scammer call center in my ear from my blue tooth cordless headset because it is SO LOUD.

When I stop playing after a minute or two, I can hear in the blue tooth phone headset in my ear that the scammer had hung up of course; and of course my ears are ringing even though I had stopped playing.

As far as I am concerned, EAR RAPE is par for the course if you are a phone scammer. If you choose a life of crime as a phone scammer, do NOT be surprised when you are EAR RAPED.


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Tell Doo I was asking about him. I haven’t seen him around for a while and I miss you guys. We sure had a lot of fun back in the day!!
I’m trying to get something a little better going here too. My mini flooder is on an old and tired Window 7 machine and crashed while I was pushing it a little too hard today. I’ve done it before, it usually restarts. But, sadly all it does is power on, make a small beep and that’s it. I’m just so damn busy, and so behind with everything right now that It’s beyond overwhelming.
I’m hoping to get to the PC soon, and someone we both know is going to try to help me get a little better system set up here on a new PC. Again, I have been so busy for weeks, that I literally like a deer in the headlights and haven’t had time to even get to the things that are essential. It’s overwhelming, my friend

Could anyone help me with a facebook scam