(833) 983-2639 - Fake Support

(833) 983-2639 Fake support service. Scammers answering!

(833) 983-2639 - Scammer running scared. Going down soon so call em!

(833) 983-2639 KABOOM Muthafukkaz! RIP

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12:12 pm central … I called just now … I pressed ONE … A man answered and he said a company name “Internal Accounting” and he said his name is Kevin. I asked if they handle accounting services, if they process accounting services as a 3rd party to other companies and he said NO. I said, “Good Sir, I am calling for Tech Support” but he said that I have dialed the wrong number and he hung up.

@MQ9, they must be very skittish. Maybe after you waged war against them they are very wary. :laughing:

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