819 805 1182 - canada revenue agency scam

Out of India obviously, claiming to be Canada Revenue Agency.

819 805 1182

Scam. in my case left a message saying there is a warrant for my arrest.

LMAO. They conferenced me in with another scambaiter with a british accent.


LOL that was me on the phone with you, cheecky fucking scammers… Did not expect that.

@TwentyPho7#9222 Yeah that was epic lol! Not the first time either. I got them again hahaha

An arrest warrant for masturbation? LOL


@trustednerd#9223 “Oh look, we are going to arrest this guy for illegally masturbating. Lets scam this dude!” The intelligence of these rats…

@TwentyPho7#9233 Tell me about it lol


@trustednerd#9235 Just received a call as well, claiming that there is an arrest warrant for tax evasion. I called them out on it and they immediately hung up. I’ve tried calling back several times and continue to disconnect my phone call. fuck em. We should call them on behalf of the Indian revenue agency…

Arrest warrant for tax evasion, too. At least 3 people conducting the calls, including a woman.

Evading some billions of tax! No address at all! 2 options to resolve the case! …

Remember CRA will never call you in any situations!

LOL, I used a Talkbox to talk with them! this is so funny, listen to my Call, lol


Called too many times…called me a goat fucker lol

@theicebore248#9266 LMAO… Give em hell!

They don’t stop. They won’t stop.

UGH. They keep calling.

I told the guy he doesn't work for the CRA. He flat out called me a "motherfucker"

I then replied : "That's not professional of the CRA to say. I want to speak to a French repreresentative"

He went off. Totally off.

@trustednerd#9345 Is there a new number? The first one you posted isnt working for me.

Nope, that number works. Change your area code to a Canadian area code like 416, 587, 403, 604, 778, 514, 236.

@trustednerd#9350 it didn’t work

@scraps210#9352 It works. Just dialed it. Goes through.

Wasted 3 hours on them . One of em began singing and he prentended to Be Osama bin Laden . He also tried to offer me a terrorist job. He also said that they make around 9k per week.

They are expecting people to pay with Walmart Cards and he also told me to get a Steam Gift Card.

The girl there thou spilled the beans and it was kind of really sad.

Still had a lot of fun with em.

@DevSx#9405 What the fuck lol.

@DevSx#9405 Please tell me you have that recorded…?