808 272 7580 - Geek Squad refund scam

800-659-0292 Still active. Wasted about 10 minutes of his time.

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Consistently adding about 5 agents to a conference call. Now nothing is getting past “agent unavailable”. Possible shift-change?

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i merged 5+ calls together for about 10 min until they finally threw in the towel :rofl::rofl::rofl:


acted like I got disconnected and I have the anydesk screen and got their ip:
“query”: “”,
“status”: “success”,
“continent”: “Asia”,
“continentCode”: “AS”,
“country”: “India”,
“countryCode”: “IN”,
“region”: “WB”,
“regionName”: “West Bengal”,
“city”: “Kolkata”,
“district”: “”,
“zip”: “700014”,
“lat”: 22.518,
“lon”: 88.3832,
“timezone”: “Asia/Kolkata”,
“offset”: 19800,
“currency”: “INR”,
“isp”: “Sristi Sanchar Webnet Ltd.”,
“org”: “Sristi Sanchar Webnet Ltd.”,
“as”: “AS132757 Sristi Sanchar Webnet Ltd.”,
“asname”: “SSWL-AS-IN”,
“mobile”: false,
“proxy”: false,
“hosting”: false