7-6-18 Windows Tech Support Popups With Numbers


[866-541-1444] [Chrome] Number works as of 9:04 PM

http://microsoft0x8024f004us.tk/iedge/ [866-218-1999] [Edge] Number works as of 9:08 AM

I could not find too many non-local popups today, it's most likely because I was up at 8:30 AM looking for them.

I also found a couple of websites that redirect you to a scammer "each and every' time:




Here are some numbers I found by going to these links, but they don't sadly work [yet]:
[855-241-4519] [Chrome] Number doesn’t work as of 9:06 AM
[877-256-2237] [Chrome] Number doesn’t work as of 9:07 AM
[877-889-6128] [Firefox] Number doesn’t work as of 9:09 AM
[877-523-6872] [Edge] Number doesn’t work as of 9:09 AM
[888-238-2571] [Edge] Number doesn’t work as of 9:10 AM

I didn't have too much time to look for popups today, as I leave for my vacation this afternoon. I won't be posting scammer links or numbers for a week and a half, so hopefully there are more popups available when I return. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.