(678) 528-1943 SSA Scam and (678) 528-1133 SSA Scam from Bob's this morning

Scammer’s Number: (678) 528-1943 and (678) 528-1133
Domains Used:
Extra Info: This morning these two phone numbers were posted on Bob’s. I have called each this morning once and someone at “SSA” answered. I thought I’d post both of them since they both have the same area code and the same beginning 3 numbers of the 7-digit numbers.

PLEASE let me know if I should have posted them SEPARATELY. I am not sure how to handle it.


(678) 528-1943 answers silent hold…hoards

678 528 1943 On this particular call from which I just got off at this phone number, a woman answered. She had of course an accent but I could understand her. She asked if I want to share a jelly bean. ??? Actually, we ended up having a 15 or 20 minute conversation, but it was not about the SSA script. I was telling her that I do not believe her family approves of her criminal behavior and that it is a great shame and dishonor for her to bring shame and dishonor to her family and ancestors, blah blah blah. She abruptly ended the call eventually, maybe because someone in her scam call center was too close and could hear our conversation. She admitted that they are scammers and spoke about how it is hard to find a legitimate job, et cetera (I am paraphrasing of course, for she used different verbiage).

I have had several calls to both of these phone numbers.

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I read it to them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wait I keep getting this religious white chick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… What the hell?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(678) 528-1133 Nagamese scammer claims, he is smarter than me. I play a song to him

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

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I wanna talk to the religious white chick! HAHA!!! @Draco kickin’ ass as always!

As always, @drwat is baiting them and sharing the recordings! Thanks, Doc! Fashion Designer! haha Why don’t you go back to your country, asshole! Classic! Then you played the music! Actually, I rather like the music! You are very handsome, Sir. Yes, I know. I love you, Sir! I am smarter than you. Haha! Doc, I admire how you kill them with KINDNESS and just a faint hint bit of SARCASM! He has 4 Lamborghinis! He asked you to please remove your voice changer! Classic, just classic.

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11:02 am central … The 678 528 1943 for me is not a working number at this time …

I am on hold with the 678 528 1133 number now … A woman answered but she does not sound white but I am tryin’ to bait her anyway (haha)…

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I love this old song (60 years). It is beautiful. Indian scammer linger on it longer

11:08 am central the 678 528 1133 # I on phone with “Margaret Wilson” … She asked my age and zip and name, and I gave her John Johnson Jr and a valid zip code that matches the area code of my TextNow number and I told her I am 55 years old, and then she hung up.

My feelings are hurt! haha They get skittish when they KNOW that they are being MESSED WITH!

Yeah @drwat, I like that song as it is very pleasant sounding and relaxing, though of course I do not understand the words. To my “western ears” the song is very exotic!


Silent hold =loop 101# 102# 105#s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::poop:hows ur tapeworm?.. i wanna name ur tapeworm Ralph :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EMAIL ADDRESS [email protected]

I called 678 528 1943 at 11:17 am central and the call finished at 11:40 am central …

First I got “Officer John Lee” at SSA — Badge ID 75B3B912, Case ID S374892 …

He asked for last 4 digits of my social security number and I gave 3991 … My name is Paul Jensen … I gave my zip code (a valid zip code but not my real zip code of course)
… I have no alternative phone number …

I had called from my UNKNOWN NUMBER VOIP phone number and he asked me to VERIFY my phone number, so I gave him my TEXTNOW number (so apparently he does not have a Caller ID to see that I was on an UNKNOWN NUMBER ???) …

The authorities found “highly INTOXICATED substances in a car like cocaine and crystal meth” … haha, INTOXICATED substances!!!

I have been charged with DRUG TRAFFICING AND 2 banks have accounts under MY SOCIAL SECURITY number …

Who is my employer? I am self-employed …

No, I have NOT shared my social security number with anyone …

I have savings a/c and checking a/c at Community Credit Union (roughly $300 and some in checking and roughly $20,000 and some in savings) …

I have one credit card and no debit card, Discover card with roughly $12,500 limit and roughly a current balance of $3,000 and some …

I have one house in my name … I have no vehicle in my name … He said they do not believe the drugs and other bank accounts are mine, so he must transfer me to the DEA …

DEA Officer Scott got on the phone …

He asked for Case ID and I gave it to him, but I said, “Oh, yes, I wrote down the Case Id from the PRIOR GUY” and DEA Officer Scott said in a very stern and strict voice that I should call him “Office John Lee” and not a “GUY” ---- Haha! — I of course apologized humbly and said I will refer to the prior gentleman as “Officer John Lee” …

DEA Officer Scott will issue me a new SS# and suspend my current SS# since the drugs and other bank accounts are not mine…

I scheduled with him for 8 AM tomorrow for someone from DEA and also someone from Social Security to bring to where I live my new SS# (neither of them had asked me for my address - ha!)

DEA Officer Scott told me to write down his phone number (915) 314 - 5336 and I did so. He wants me to take a photo of front/back of Drivers License of mine to text to him … I HAVE A HOME PHONE AND I CANNOT TEXT, so can I send him an email? He said YES and gave me the email address [email protected]

He said to stay on the line with him while I sent him an email, and at this point I stopped trying to BAIT him. Well, let’s say I went BALLISTIC on him! I VERBALLY DESCENDED ON HIM LIKE A RED-TAILED HAWK ON A HALF-DEAD RABBIT!!!

I wonder if it is possible to report to GMAIL his email address???

Anyway, I am posting this and I’m gonna call his CALLBACK NUMBER that I am guessing is a TextNow number.


678 528 1943 still answering … 12:08 pm central

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Officer Kathleen at 678 528 1943 answered and had a truly “sweet” voice until I turned UGLY, at which point her tone of voice changed and it was no longer SWEET. She said, “Fuck you!”

Alas, I am heart-broken!

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678 528 1133 is answering me now as there was a period earlier where this number did not seem to be answering …

Oh woe is me, I really thought that Officer Kathleen at 678 528 1943 could have been the one and only love of my life! :sob:

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Hey, I’ve already proposed to Kathleen! You stay away from her! :slight_smile:


Haha, @jontpt !!! Fair enough, brother, fair enough!

If you start getting on either number the message machine, at least at present you can PRESS 0 and then ENTER 102# to go back to being on SILENT hold … No, now it is PRESS 0 and ENTER 103# … they might keep changing it. In this way, you do not need to call back.


@Draco taught us about the LOOPING trick …

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After 3 hours of mostly bombarding the two (678) number and baiting SSA/DEA officers on one of the (678) numbers, I just keep looping and being on silent hold for these two (678) numbers. Maybe FINALLY they are onto my TextNow number and Unknown Number VOIP number.

That callback number 915 314 5336 is no longer a working number. I called it at least 10 times and kept getting an answer, but then I tried and it is not a working number. I am not sure if it is a TextNow number because it did not go to a voicemail but just drops from my TextNow number and just says “not a working number” from my VOIP Unknown Number.

I am surprised they were answering the two (678) numbers from my two phone numbers for 3 freakin’ hours!

Okay, I gotta go to the bathroom and take a lil’ break. I got a lil’ carried away for 3 hours with these numbers from this thread!

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