646-300-9174 and 443-292-3655 National Sweepstakes Company / Lottery Winnings

Scam Number: 646-300-9174 and 443-292-3655
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Answering at both numbers.

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(443) 292-3655 Still Active. Thursday 9-15-22 2:04AM EST

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(443) 292-3655 Still Active. VM. Sunday 9-18-22 3:16PM EST

(443) 292-3655 Joseph Goldberg Answered. Monday 9-19-22 1:13PM EST

The (646) number rings and hangs up. I left a message on the (443) number. I’m trying mu old lady voice on this one!

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A good old lady voice is GOLDEN with these scammers!

I have him! I am currently (NOT) heading to Walmart to pickup 2 $500 Vanilla Visa Gift Cards. Supposed to call him back when I get home. Come to think of it he has not even asked me my name.


I don’t think I got his name either

His name is Joseph Goldburg. LOL

I am uploading a YT now of the call.

It says it will be ready in 25 mins.

443-292-3655 Still Active. VM. Sunday 9-25-22 2:50PM EST

443-292-3655 Still Active. VM. Saturday 10-15-22 7:17PM EST

443-292-3655 Still Active. VM. Friday 10-28-22 10:44PM EST

443-292-3655 active again


443-292-3655 VM Sunday 5-21-23 2:34PM EST

Only a little bit old this one
It just goes to show how many thousands of numbers these Jamaican pricks have available, at any given point of time. :rage:

4432923655 PCH (Friday, 3 June 2022)