305-429-8067 Publishers Clearing House

Scam Number: 305-429-8067
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: John Chamberlin VM Sunday 7-16-23 7:11PM EST
517-736-8793 Call Back

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Still active

Still active, LOL. active at 3:40pm EST

They are getting pissed, they called back on +1 876-820-0733‬, give them a call, they are active now, 3:45pm EST.

876 Jamaican #

Called me again, asking for “my wife”, PO’d when I let him have it. Jamaica number 876-820-0733‬, call is $0.18/minute on VOIP. Said he was Dave Sayers.

Still the same guy

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305-429-8067 Still Active John Chamberlin VM Friday 7-28-23 10:44PM EST

305-429-8067 Still Active John Chamberlin Thursday 8-24-23 7:59PM EST