(252) 692-2153 - Direct TV and AT&T Scam is Back!

Scammer’s Number: (252) 692-2153

I called them at 11:15 AM CST and got humans. I pressed “3” to have them answer. They took awhile to answer but I got “Eric” who did not sound as Eric.


If you want to get on a call with them just say you want a discount and they will “verify” you account


Yes, and I believe these scammers are actually Pakistani, based on previous conversations with them.

Interesting… On the phone with them now, how does this scam work? Are they just going to try and get my card details or request gift cards?

And I just got booted off while on hold, second time this has happened

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Yes, they are trying to make you buy gift cards, and sometimes they will just ask for your credit card. They would ask for your personal info; so, quite likely, it’s an identity theft operation too. I also spoke with Benefits Advisors scammers earlier this morning, and it was an identity theft. They straight-up steal people’s socials, DOBs and other personal info. Likely, they will sell the data on the dark web, then.

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Hoarding them hard folks :joy:still hoarding them …
they change hold music mid stride hit 000000000000 hella it changes back to Chopin keep pushing 0 they answer … I like ur loop :joy:clickaroo

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This number is still up, i’m new; hi. hope you are all doing well.

apparantly, the americans locked him up for no reason and although he knows its not all americans… he thinks he has no way to rebuild. anyone else get that as well?


MillerrIAm, welcome to the forum! No, I did not get that story from them.

Welcome on in :smiley:

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Ah hello, I met you on Discord :wave:

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2 ring hang up at 2pm central

Hm, they answered me about 15 minutes ago. I did however have to call repeatedly. They’d sometime hang up right away too for me. Oh, never mind. It’s about that old number. I just made a new post about their new numbers: 252-818-5425 and 706-979-2790. Give them a try.