(229) 352-4229 - Bizarre and Hilarious Spammer!

This one is very unusual, to put it mildly. It’s a recording that answers, and it’s “very, very interesting”, to say the least! It does not appear to be a scam, and I think the guy is drunk and super high! Give it a try! Sadly, I could not get a real person to answer there, but even the recording is certainly worth listening to.

(229) 352-4229

Made me think of this! Similar voice and speech pattern.


I got with an agent it all they did was ask how much I wanna donate and the only thing I could say after that 10 minute inspiration was “holy fuck” and she asked again how much I wanted to donate and I said enough to save myself from the lord and 49 cents😂 she was outside running and heavy breathing which was very odd but the whole number and whole thing that went on was

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Welcome :blush: