216-772-1301 Geek Squad

Scam Number: 216-772-1301
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: 216-772-1301 Adam Geek Squad Wednesday 11-23-22 11:12AM EST

Didn’t pick up. Maybe will later.

I got somebody who said that this number was there personal number and to go to Best Buy for anything Geek squad.

I originally found this number on another post with several other numbers. Don’t know when I called it. They called me back and I didn’t feel like going through all of them to re-post again, so I just made a new one. If he hadn’t answered as Geek Squad I wouldn’t have posted it.

Punjabi guy Sameer wants me to use anydesk and connect to my PC.

hangs up after I insulted him. :smiley:

Lets call him.