206-486-1898 & 206-486-7050 Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes / Lottery Winnings (SCAM)

Scam Number: 206-486-1898 & 206-486-7050
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:


206-486-1898 Still Active American Shoppers Awards David Johnson Thursday 12-8-22 8:17PM EST
Claim Code 85958ASA

206-486-7050 Still Active American Shoppers Awards Ronald Mcpeak Thursday 12-8-22 8:24PM EST

206-486-1885 Still Active James Carter Thursday 12-8-22 8:35PM EST

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What is 2500 hundred thousand dollars? Sound like Joe BIden math.


Mike Lopez. AND I AM A WINNER! 2.5 million and a 2022 Mercedes and $5000 a month. And only a fee $550 But because I have six kids and am pregnant with my seventh child. And my husband is out of work. So only $120 for me!
His personal number is 512-528- 3990.
I told him that money was for my kids groceries and he could care less. He wants it. I hate these people.


He had to settle for $100. I gave him a fake number and a fake 800 number. He is supposed to call me back. HAHA! He never asked my name or my address as to where to deliver all my money!

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Yea it’s weird how some will ask for that, others don’t. I can always tell by the voice and tone if I want to keep talking and get the info I need or BS with.

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Still active
(called at 1am est)

206-486-1898 : I got a voicemail. I pressed “one.” I then got a lot of rings. I then left a message.

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206-486-7050 : I got a voicemail. I pressed “one.” I then got a lot of rings. I then left a message.

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They are getting pissed. They keep asking, “what number are you calling”, don’t tell them of course. Keep it up, they are trying to shut down numbers.

Alternate (206) 486-1885
(909) 351-8173

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They called me from a new number of 808-633-6419.

I did a grabify with them and here is the information:
IP Address: It says this may be a VPN or proxy
Country: Canada, Toronto
Device: Samsung Galaxy J7

206-486-1898 Still Active David Johnson Sunday 12-11-22 7:48PM EST

206-486-7050 Still Active James Carter Wednesday 12-14-22 7:40PM EST

active 206-486-7050

STILL ACTIVE scammer 206-486-7050