(12-26-2016) BROWLOCK Popup with number! ~WORKING~ (12-26-2016)

Website: `http://harddrive-spyattack.xyz/`
Host Domain:`http://harddrive-spyattack.xyz/`
Phone Number: +18883934297
Please comment if it does not work!
*Also inclue the phone you used*

WHO.IS info
Name: Rahul Singh
Organization: (LEFT BLANK)
City: New Delhi
State / Province: Delhi
Postal Code: 110092
Country: IN

Worked well. I talked with a guy who called himself Arthur, he was quite a nice guy, even after I told him I knew he was scamming. Said he was just doing it for the money.

Number still appears to be up when calling with FireRTC, however, no one was available to take my call. I called around 1 AM Eastern Time.