(12-26-16) Popup with number! ~WORKING~ (12-26-2016)

Website: `http://amelcornlug.com/131/d-e51cdbb53bdb2b02d70f09968a0abda/?ptfn=855-786-4539&ftfn=855-786-4539`
Host Domain:`http://amelcornlug.com/`
BROWLOCK: No (Memory Leak *Crash Browser*)
Phone Number: +18557864539
Please comment if it does not work!
*Also include the phone you used*

WHO.IS info
Name: Lucrecia Braly
City: Leland
State/Province: Mississippi
Postal Code: 38756
Country: US

This number is dead;doesn’t work in Skype or firertc

Doesn’t work. Site is down.