1-888-520-4863 tech support scam taking money and doing scam by Bitcoin

Scam Number: 1-888-520-4863
Domain Used: https://facebook-customer-servicex.business.site/
Extra Info: Facebook scam


really working

1-888-520-4863 … “Jason White” with “Suppoat” just answered!

Just now this phone number was answered when I called it. A guy answered as “Suppoat” but I did not understand the fake name that he used. His skills in English leaves much to be desired.

Peter “tole” me they are PayPal “subpoat”
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Haha, I just called and “Henry” answered. I told him that his criminal colleague named “Jason White” admitted to me on a phone call just a few minutes ago that you all are scammers, and that “Jason White” is not even trying to scam people.

(This is a lie of course because the scammer “Jason White” at this same phone number did not admit one hour ago that they are all scammers. I like to try to start shit amongst the criminals.)

So Henry asked, “What did you say?” So I repeated what I said IN AN EXAGGERATEDLY SLOWWWWWW manner. He mumbled “f!ck” under his breath and hung up!"

I hope Henry has marched to the desk of Jason White to go off on him! :crazy_face:

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Just now, 5:04 pm Central in the USA, this number ain’t bein’ answered any longer. Maybe they’ve ended their shift. Good night, criminals … good night for now!

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They are active on this link now

@honey874489 both sites are now taken down.