1.888.441.5126 Fake norton refund

Scammer’s Number: 1.888.441.5126
Domains Used: na
Extra Info: fake refund scam, they got so angry when they realised i was fucking with them


And that makes US very happy :joy:


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Verified 4:52 PM 7/8/21 EDT
The scammer said, “I will f–k your mother” along with some Hindi and kept on saying, “I will f–k your mom up” in various word choices. I kept telling him, “Do it, do it, do it, do it”.

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Thanks for posting, @kkkk1234 !

I called and spoke to Alan. I told him I do not want the auto renewal of subscription. He said to bring up a browser. I told him I have a browser open. (He of course would want me to go to a URL and download some type of remote desktop software so he could get on my computer.) BUT he said, “We will cancel your subscription for you. Have a nice day.” THEN HE HUNG UP!

I have had that happen once in awhile. Maybe he was tired and had been on his shift for a very long time. Maybe he is demoralized having been messed with all day. It is not so very late in his shift though! As I type it is the following current time in India:

2:18 AM
Friday, July 9, 2021 (GMT+5:30)
Time in India

Anyway @kkkk1234, welcome to the community! Thanks again for creating this thread!

Now I am getting cussed at as soon as they answer! Haha I am flattered, very very flattered!


On subsequent calls, now they answer but then immediately hang up without saying anything.

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I feel so lucky that we’re a team of people who ruin fraudulent careers on a daily basis.


said his mother is proud of him for being a scammer…disgusting

need to keep flooding these disgusting monkeys

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They are so original with their insults aren’t they?

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Exactly, @Jhawk !

I have mentioned to some scammers the same thing!

Scammer: You maderchod!

Me: Can’t you come up with something more original, something into which I can sink my teeth? I DESERVE BETTER! I deserve something like, “You gypsy’s abortion!”


He picked up and said, “What’s happening motherfucker?”
He got ear raped anyway.

I called and talked on the phone with one of them for half an hour. Instead of logging into my bank account I typed “get fucked scammer.” He then proceeded to freeze my virtual machine and started laughing. He later called back at 206-397-8195 to talk to me further. He said that his name was Rohan and that he had lost his job to COVID so he started scamming for his family. I kindly reminded him that he is stealing from other people’s families that were just as impacted by COVID as he was.

called me back from 8559566224

What was his response after you told him that he wasn’t the only one being impacted by covid 19?

Update: I mocked the scammer and he wasn’t having it. Hahahahahahahhahaha :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

Update: I’m blocked.

Here is some information from the system I use:


Huge FACTS. And my appetite never would have been wetted to take these guys down, if a certain scamming guy hadn’t lied to me straight off the bat

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I wonder if there are any more Norton / Windows Defender Scams being run by Raaj Wanchoo. I’ve been blasting him on a daily basis on my personal FaceBook account. Yeah, he’s so “busy” he doesn’t have time for social media. Waiting for him to slide to my FaceBook and cock block me LOL. Nothing pleases me more than getting back at this raisainette sized gonad sack

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