Tech support scammers. Look up their number in Google and YouTube for evidence.


Had a long convo with “Joe”…really good english…really insisted that his company is a third party provider and not a scam company. They provide remote help thru TeamViewer yeah but they are a legit business.

Ho hum. But I suspect that there is a layer of "consulting" outfits that operate in a gray area. They aren't licensed by the manufacturer's to provide support but they do it as a cottage industry.

Oh well!

didnt work for me

@ScamChod#150891 How odd. Has all the hallmarks of a scam, such as dubious and really poor quality videos on mass-produced YouTube channels, videos with names changed to include

Symbols such as chess pieces and random punctuation (normally a method used by scammers to prevent people from reporting all their videos), posting on suspicious websites that redirect to nowhere and on litte known ones with no report button.

Maybe you’re right though, a gray area..





And https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCioRSLHsE6syKdXi3wKPu_g/videos

Idk if this is a scam, he just told me to restart my pc when I said I had a popup. Also insisted it wasn’t a scam.

@newport_p#150926 Hm who said they were running a popup scam?