‭+1 (226) 721-1239‬ - CRA Scam let’s hammer these guys

These guys are the infamous op that targets us in Canada . They have no caller ID so can’t block us . Help me hammer them !!

‭+1 (226) 721-1239‬

OH MY GOD, thought this was going to be a normal IRS scammer call but it took a hard left turn to the scammer saying he wanted to date me and meet face to face with me. Started recording a little bit in, so here’s the cringy recording.

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 226 721 1239

I called and said my name was ligma he asked for my last name and I said balls so he kept calling me Mr.Ligma Balls

Hammer time

@Mr_Goat#57337 lol … I hate these fucking pricks bro

@xKraseZ#57383 hahaha I said Ligma too !!! They must be thinking wtf haha

@Mr_Goat#57337 that call was a straight trip bro ( speechless )

Are they down? I called twice and not getting a response i changed my number/caller ID both times using firertc



I had a bad connection so he called me back with 1-800-959-8281 so they are callerID spoofing the real CRA on their callbacks.


I had a bad connection so he called me back with 1-800-959-8281 so they are callerID spoofing the real CRA on their callbacks.

Officer Derak Johnson (his spelling) badge#: 417G2741, bad connection so I called back got Officer Brian Hudson, badge#: 417G2741 (pesky gov't cuts, they have to share a badge) in Ottawa

I committed a felony (a term not used in the Canadian legal system) . I owe 8998 LOL, He got very hostile when I requested; Je demande un officier francophone, he said he doesn't speak French. I said you are working in the Ottawa HQ and you deal with the public under the Official Langauges Act you are required to be bilingual (true) he said that he spoke English and Spanish and Canada has more than Canadians and French people. I pushed saying bilingual means the Canadian Official languages are only English & French. He didn't understand my greeting of Manger de la merde, vous êtes un baiseur de chèvre...

It's been 30 minutes, I am still waiting for the RCMP to arrest me.

Called back gave my name as Justin Trudeau, very noisy call centre I could here multiple conversations and could bearly make him out Officer “David Smith” heavier accent than most. I ask if he could change his phone or ask the others to be quiet. He spoke down to me with a condescending tone ; who do you you are speaking to? Lost connection.

@Darrell64#58755 Called back got Officer Derek Johnson (not the previous Derak Johnson) badge id# 435B2731. Again gave my contact info as Justin Trudeau, because I interrupted during his reading the felony charges he got pissed and now the local RCMP is going arrest the Prime Minister of Canada. LOL, these guys are clowns, maybe I’ll call back and fire him.

LOL … I was bored today, I called these scammers 10 or 12 times today, Had a bad connection the last time and Officer David Smith (badge#417J2741) called back on 289-339-6314. So my final count for today is the local RCMP will be arresting;

Justin Trudeau,
Mange Merde 2x
Ben Chaud

They really get agitated if you speak French.

Two calls they asked my for the local RCMP phone number, the other calls they asked for my accountant's number even though I said I filed with the CRA's eFile website. The clowns engaged in a imaginary phone call with examples 1 & 2 with the RCMP, and examples 3 & 4 with the account who was to call me back (I did get a couple failed voicemails from my accountants # 555-1212) No blue & red strobes yet..

These guys are such amateurs. I got to the stage of having cash and going to the BIT (bureau income tax machine LOL) and swore cause I was hung up on earlier and the guy got mad at me saying I can’t swear on this line. I explained to him angrily that I’m pissed the police are coming when I haven’t done anything wrong and he hung up on me.

Do they think they are actually the CRA to be able to deny someone wanting to send them $8000? So ridiculous...

edit: Oh and I called the guy out for saying he was with the IRS multiple times and he backtracked and said I just misheard him lmfao

@Darrell64#58790 No, don’t let them arrest Eat Shit! Anything but that!

@Darrell64#58742 haha yes ! They mix up the felony / indictable thing all the time which should be a dead giveaway to any potential victim . I had one asshole argue with me that it’s not called an indictable offence in Canada . What happens when you call the number now , I think this was one of the hacked voicemails I did but I’m not hearing it now . Must have just got disconnected .

Today they answer as the IRS. LOL

@Jonathan666#57328 LOL today 1 (226) 721-1239 says they are the IRS, I called the number at least hald a dozen times on Friday and they were the CRA… today the IRS. I am so confused. :wink:

I'll have to switch to an American persona now.