02038903636 Angry Indian Scammers

Scam Number: +44 02038903636
Scammer’s Website or Email: n/a
Additional information about this scam: They called my mobile, I answered “Hi madarchod”. They swore at me in Hindi then called me back to swear more at me.


Number still active

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AND then called you back to swear MORE at you! That’s okay though, for their anger pleases us.

Drat, I cannot call a non-American phone number. Otherwise I’d join you, @thunder! I could use my utterly PISS-POOR imitation of both a cockney accent and a “posh” English accent. :crazy_face:

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IVR MENU: “Your Cloud Campus” (PRESS 1).
Trying to sell “zoom based 1to1 tuition classes”.

Confirmed I was talking to the “Muddachod (Customer Care) Department” and then told me he can get someone as he called the ‘SALES MANAGER’ or whoever from the “Bhenchod Department” to call me back. Chill guy. Claimed the bhenchod song is about a person growing up / the parents guidance etc. I think that’s a bit bull - although I’m not 100% sure but as he claimed he “cannot be wrong from” his “side”. :joy: